Being a mother is about loving and growing- both your children and yourself. There is no right way.


Mamahive is a different kind of online community.  Inspired by a dynamic and wholly authentic online group of moms in metro Detroit, hosted and held by Brooke Miller (founder of Pure Honey Group), moms were logging in and feeling supported, vulnerable, authentic, empowered.  Many commented that under Brooke’s leadership, it was the only place online they could come be heard, supported and seek advice in a truly supportive climate - no judging, no perfect moms, no unattainable standards.  

The group grew and the needs of the moms evolved.  Brooke’s vision for connecting moms to each other and to carefully crafted content and experts in all fields of motherhood came to fruition when she partnered with Maci Wescott (Simplicity Parenting Coach and online community facilitator) to build mamahive.

This online space is here for moms to connect with each other, connect with experts in the fields of childbirth, lactation, mental/emotional health, marriage support, parenting methods, financial coaches, etc. and build a community that is truly supportive and empowering.  Join us and connect.