Mothers know. And we must listen to one another so that we may build the skills to also listen to ourselves.  When we value ourselves and our peers, mind, body, and soul, we are teaching our children by example, to do the same.


mamahive online community Membership includes:

  • Engaged, member-based community of moms +moms-to-be, build your village online and offline
  • Space that is host and held by a licensed psychotherapist and moderated by a professional online communities facilitator - you will get advice and support from other moms as well as qualified and verified professionals.  
  • Private groups for people sharing similar lifestyle or interests (mompreneurs, single moms, moms of toddlers, etc.) within the greater framework of the hive.  Have your conversations and find your community in a way that best fits your needs.
  • Access to experts in various realms of motherhood including: fertility, prenatal wellness, childbirth, lactation support, parenting experts, children with special needs, relationship experts, and more
  • Potential offline connection - search and connect with members near you and if there are enough of you, we can start a private group just for moms in your area.  You can set up local playdates using the events feature in your local group!  
  • Member-only monthly content, workshops and programming that covers all aspects of motherhood
  • Monthly "Expert-in-Residence" who actively engages in the community and offers insight and guidance in their area of expertise.
  • Exclusive Bedrest programming *Coming Soon
  • deep discounts on various other mamahive programming (special seminars, events)

Who Joins mamahive?

  • moms-to-be: someone who desires to have children.  You don’t have to be a mom yet.  Join us during your initial process of desiring conception, adoption journey, becoming a foster home or a step-mom.  
  • pregnant women: No matter where you are in your pregnancy, the earlier you start to build your support village and meet other moms the more likely you are to experience a successful transition into motherhood.  We can provide virtual birthing support and pregnancy resources.
  • new moms:  You now have a child in your care… now what??  Chat, find support, know that everything you are experiencing is normal and get resources to assist you in your new journey.  
  • experienced moms:  mamahive experts, content and resources are targeted to moms who have children younger than 5 or 6 years old.  So, if you are just finding us… know that there is support here for you as well.  

mamahive provides support and access to all members as well as private space for various needs including but not limited to: single moms, working moms, LGBTQ moms, stay-at-home moms, moms of sensitive children, local mom groups to help create offline support and connection as well.  


Membership Investment

$12/month *cancel at any time

$120/year  *save money