Our mission is to provide you connection, information and support so that you have the confidence to grow, birth, and raise your child(ren) in a way that is right and true for you and your family.


Brooke and Maci met in 2015 because they were both passionate about supporting moms.  Both were vying to purchase the same local business and rather than be in competition with each other, Brooke called a lunch meeting.  At that meeting they both decided that purchasing the business was not a good fit for either of them, but left that lunch knowing that someday... they would partner on something.  

Brooke was already running Honey Studio, a successful space for moms + moms-to-be and she expanded her space and programming in Ferndale, MI in October 2016.  As a licensed psychotherapist, yoga teacher and mompreneur; she recognized the need for moms and moms-to-be to be fully supported in mind, body and business.  Her new space, aptly named, Honey: space for moms + moms-to-be, provides individual and family therapy, group support sessions covering various aspects of motherhood, yoga and meditation and a premier lounge and work-space where moms could come and socialize or work with on-site childcare provided.  The only thing missing from Honey was a thriving online community that brought Brooke's special ethos of "holding space" to moms beyond the metro Detroit area.  

Maci and Brooke reconnected over the summer of 2016 when both of their kids were in the same parent-tot summer program.  Maci had already been working in the field of online community cultivation for 7 years and was strongly feeling drawn to create an unprecedented online community for moms.  She knew that she wanted Brooke's unique brand of warmth, inclusion and fun to be the foundation of this new virtual space.  

Over months of development and collaboration, meeting in local coffee shops, mamahive was born.  We launched to the public in December of 2016 and immediately had a positive response.  Women were joining to feel connected.  Connected to each other, connected to experts in various fields affecting motherhood, connected in a public chat forum, connected in private rooms where they were safe to share their deepest thoughts and fears knowing they are surrounded only by like minded moms + moms-to-be. 

mamahive is a true hive.  Our members help us develop our space organically, each providing support within their own strengths, recognizing that this space is a collaboration and a collective.