Why I'm creating mamaHIVE...

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Motherhood is a journey. mamaHIVE will be movement to re-imagine our village, reset the expectations of modern motherhood and together build a community that enhances our lives and our world.


Hi, I'm Maci and I'm so excited that you're here!

I became a mom in 2013 and was profoundly changed. The world looks different through the lens of motherhood.

I've been developing and facilitating online communities since 2009, I'm also a parenting coach and currently a strategy and productivity coach for mom-business-owners. I know that each motherhood journey is totally unique. And, I know that no matter where we are in that journey, we crave our village. You know, your village, your tribe, your community... we call ours a hive because we're all working together here to support each other and influence cultural change that will hold motherhood in the reverence it deserves.

"If we want to make the world a better place, we need to start taking better care of the people who make the people." ~Brooke Miller, Owner of Honey: Space for moms+moms-to-be

While you're reading this, I'm talking to moms (all moms) about how we can best serve motherhood with this movement. Please, drop me a line HERE and share your thoughts and suggestions with me. 

Update: Phase 1 is underway building a network and support community for mom-business-owners. To get the latest updates on launch phases, participate in our important development research, and to be notified about upcoming beta tests, please subscribe to our mailing list HERE.